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SAYEH, Samira
From Algeria to France and back: The changing literary identity of Mouloud Feraoun, Mohammed Dib and Mouloud Mammeri
Lieu : The Pennsylvania State University
Année : 2005
Type : Thèse - Doctorat
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Drawing on current interdisciplinary approaches combining historical, regionalist, linguistic, semiological and postcolonial fields essentially I reopen the first literary works of Feraoun, Dib and Mammeri, three "Muslim authors", and deal with them as ethnographic documents informative of a time, a folklife in the verge of extinction, and of the customs and daily lives of a population during the French departmental era of "Algeria". The goal consists in demonstrating that the literary productions of those "border/frontier men" illustrated, already at the time, a confusing and ambiguous feeling resulting, in part, in the "Algerians" inability to define themselves and to accept their situation, which is, according to historian Benjamin Stora, that of a "people without a name" I also demonstrate that the ambiguous terminology that was commonly used at the time highlighted and served the French failure to account for France's diversity and consequently the tensions that showed up the Metropole's attempt to represent itself, politically and geographically.