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WARD, Abigail Lara
Postcolonial traumas : memory, narrative, resistance

Lieu : New York
Éditeur : Palgrave Macmillan
Année : 2015
ISBN : 9781137526427
Pages : 235 p.
Type : Essai
Collection, autres éditions : ,
Langue : Anglais
Notations :

"This accessible and dynamic collection of essays explores some new possibilities for understanding postcolonial traumas. It examines representations of both personal and collective traumas around the globe from Palestinian, Caribbean, African American, South African, Maltese, Algerian, Indian, Australian and British writers, directors and artists. Contributors investigate a range of genres and types of representation, including the novel, short story, television and stage drama, graphic novel, film and fictionalised memoir. As a collection, these essays necessarily share some important concerns regarding past, current and even future traumas facing the postcolonial world, but they also recognise the diversity of traumatic experiences, and authors are attentive to the specifics of location, historical and cultural contexts"