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SANYAL, Debarati
Memory and complicity : migrations of Holocaust remembrance

Lieu : New York
Éditeur : Fordham University Press
Année : 2015
ISBN : 9780823265473
Pages : 341 p.
Type : Recherche personnelle ou post-doc
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Langue : Anglais

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Chapter Two: Concentrationary Migrations in and around Albert Camus -- Figural Contagion and Historical cordon sanitaire : The Plague -- Memory and Migration : Reenvisioning Algeria -- Concentrationary Circulations : Le Métier à tisser and Night and Fog -- Figure as Archive : Reading The Fall with Auschwitz and Algeria -- History's Endless Cry : Allegory Unbound in The Fall Chapter Six: Holocaust and Colonial Memory in the Age of Terror : Assia Djebar and Boualem Sansal -- Urban Palimpsests and the Claims of Memory in Assia Djebar's Les Nuits de Strasbourg -- Against Identification : Bad Education, Trauma, and Citizenship -- Holocaust Memory, Gray Zones and the War on Terror : Boualem Sansal's Le Village de l'Allemand